Who Is The Best Web Hosting Provider For Dedicated Servers With cPanel?



Hosting your website on a dedicated server gives your website and business numerous benefits. Other traditional web hosting packages, like shared and VPS hosting, you share your server with other websites, where performance issues are likely to occur. Unlike shared and VPS hosting, you do not share your server with any other websites when hosting on a dedicated server. In other words, all of the resources are yours and they are there whenever you need them.

Having a dedicated server all to yourself also comes with the benefit of having full control over your server. This means that you will have full root access, where you can download third party scripts and reboot your system whenever you would like. Not to mention that most high quality web hosting packages come with cPanel. cPanel is the latest and greatest tool in web hosting that allows you to easily manage your website, create email accounts, install web based applications, back up your data, protect your site from abuse, view visitor statistics and etc. Not to mention that is easy to setup and use. 

Now that you know exactly what a dedicated server and cPanel is, what web hosting provider should you go with? There are many web hosting providers that offer dedicated server web hosting packages featuring cPanel

  • They have a wide variety of web hosting packages to choose from. Not to mention that you can customize a package if you do not see one that best suits the requirements that you need. 
  • uptime at 2GBHosting comes with a 99.99% guarantee. In other words they guarantee that your website will be up and running 99.99% of the time, guaranteed. |
  • Their customer service personnel are very personable and friendly. 
  • Technical support is knowledgeable and very quick to respond. Go ahead and feel free to test out how quick you get a response.




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