How Does Linux Shared Hosting Work?

How Does Linux Shared Hosting Work?

For small and medium-sized businesses, Linux shared hosting is a boon. It allows you to host your website online without worrying about the high price tag associated with it. It is the solution, which allows many businesses to make themselves visible in the online space.

Understanding about Linux Shared Hosting

Linux is a popular open-source operating system. It is also popular among web hosting providers due to its economical nature. As it is open source, the source code is easy to use, modify, and redistribute for commercial and non-commercial purposes. So, it is preferred by web hosting as it does not restrict like the Windows platform. You get greater customization opportunities in the user options and server capabilities. Linux hosting India allows hosting of multiple websites on a single server. The Linux server allows the website on the server to share the resources. It is made possible by assigning a limited amount of server resources to each website. Linux shared hosting has higher speed and greater reliability. It is because the resources are upgraded periodically. Another important factor of advanced Linus shared hosting is its configuration following LAMP standards. LAMP is the acronym for the following:

  1. Linux operating system
  2. Apache is the webserver
  3. MYSQL, which is the RDBMS
  4.  PHP/Perl/Python is the object-oriented programming language
Benefits Of Using Linux Shared Hosting

When you select the Linux hosting, it offers you several benefits:
  1. You gain more flexibility as it is an open-source technology.
  2. It is a cheap option to kick start your business with an impact website.
  3. It updates itself with recent technology. So, it supports the new programming languages, which is beneficial to e-commerce or blogging platforms.
  4. You can gain access to unlimited domains, email addresses, domains, and databases. So, you can create any number of email addresses, domains, and databases within the plan you purchase. Another feature is your outgoing mails never end up in spam due to efficient management of email servers.
  5. Full technical support to manage the website.