Data Center in France

French data center operators are set to see their operational costs slashed


DATA Center France


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France is ranked as the world’s seventh largest and the EU's second largest economy by purchasing power parity.  Some of the largest Internet service providers and telecommunications companies in the world use our France data center facilities as a central traffic hub for Europe.  This dense presence of service providers offers our customers in France extensive network and interconnection choice. The report provides an in-depth market and segmental analysis of the France data center market by electrical infrastructure, mechanical infrastructure and countries.

Features of our France data Center

  •         24-Hour surveillance by CCTV and video recording further make the things easier to track
  •         Energy efficiency model
  •         Multilevel fire protection fortified with smoke detectors
  •         Availability of talented support staff
  •         Maximum performance delivery via top grade hardware and software resources
  •         Best safety against natural disasters as well as human errors
  •         Extensive automation for best output
  •         A complete plan for data backup, security and disaster recovery
  •         Redundant power