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Who Is The Best Web Hosting Provider For Dedicated Servers With cPanel?



Hosting your website on a dedicated server gives your website and business numerous benefits. Other traditional web hosting packages, like shared and VPS hosting, you share your server with other websites, where performance issues are likely to occur. Unlike shared and VPS hosting, you do not share your server with any other websites when hosting on a dedicated server. In other words, all of the resources are yours and they are there whenever you need them.

The Ease and Flair of Linux Web Hosting


The Ease and Flair of Linux Web Hosting

Thinking of hosting a new website? If you are a seasoned developer you would know the difference between creating of websites on ASP.net and PHP frameworks. The former supports Windows Web Hosting while the latter supports Linux Web Hosting.

Though it entirely depends on your own choice, but if you take my suggestion, I would prefer Linux Web Hosting because of the ease and flair of working with it. Now let me outline some of the basic advantage which has made me such a big fan of it.

Virtual Private Server Best Choice Your Business, Hosting Precise



Choosing a suitable hosting solution for your business can pose a significant challenge. There are a lot of options to consider, each with its own merits and downsides. Here are some situations in which virtual private servers (VPS) may be the best solution for you.


What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server is a powerful server that is split into multiple “virtual” servers, where each function independently - runs its own operating system and applications.

VPS is not the best fit for everyone; however it can be considered a hosting preference of choice for advanced Web developers who require root access to the server to run their own software.


Guide Purchasing Web Hosting Services, Hosting Precise



If you are looking to get your business or website online and are new to the whole hosting market, searching and selecting a reliable web hosting provider can get tricky. Most small business owners or new website owners do not have the clear idea what to look for.
In order to help you prepare for this decision we have created a short guide that will help you find the right web hosting provider for your website.

The Basics Cloud Computing, Hosting Precise

Cloud computing has two meanings. The most common refers to running workloads remotely over the internet in a commercial provider’s data center, also known as the “public cloud” model. Today, most businesses take a multicloud approach, which simply means they use more than one public cloud service.The second meaning of cloud computing describes how it works: a virtualized pool of resources, from raw compute power to application functionality, available on demand.

When customers procure cloud services, the provider fulfills those requests using advanced automation rather than manual provisioning. The key advantage is agility, the ability to apply abstracted compute, storage, and network resources to workloads as needed and tap into an abundance of prebuilt services.

Introducing Cloudlet Resource Unit Your Cloud, Hosting Precise



Cloudlets have been introduced as a resource unit for Jelastic Cloud Platform to simplify the billing and enable true pay-per-use pricing model. The unit combines RAM & CPU Usage. One Cloudlet equals 128MB of RAM and 200MHz of CPU power. 

All resources are billed on an hourly basis, so if your usage varies on hourly basis you can achieve significant cost savings, compared to other hosting packages with fixed pricing and resources.

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