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When it comes to “traditional” web hosting there are three main web hosting options...

  1. Shared,
  2. VPS and
  3. Dedicated hosting.

In this article you will discover the differences between these traditional web hosting packages, as well as advice on a few things to consider before purchasing your web hosting package.

  1. Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting plan that is available today. You ask why? Well for starters it is the cheapest and most economical package available. And just like the name implies, shared hosting is when you share your server with as many as a thousand websites. In fact, you will also share the overall resources, maintenance, operating system and costs, making it the most affordable plan available.
  2. VPS hosting is becoming a popular choice among small to medium websites because you get more control and resources then shared hosting offers. And unlike shared hosting, your resources are guaranteed. Not to mention, you will have your own full-fledged operating system that is independent of others that reside on your server, giving your website the privacy and extra level of security that you need. Additionally. VPS hosting offers scalability so that you can grow your resources easily when your website  
  3. Dedicated server hosting is a popular choice for large websites that have a lot of traffic. Dedicated servers are dedicated exclusively to your website, giving your site the most control, resources, privacy and security than shared and VPS hosting offer.

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